Jeans: A Love Story

Let’s talk about jeans.  But not just any jeans. The most comfortable, most figure forgiving jeans I have ever owned.  That’s right people, I’m talking about maternity jeans.  I love them.  So much.  Too much.  They were merely practical while pregnant, allowing room for my ample stomach to grow and offering some support for my aching back.  But then I had the baby and my affection for these stretchy friends really blossomed.

My weight shifted during pregnancy – places where I had never carried weight were suddenly much larger than they were before.  Aided, no doubt, by the forty pounds I gained during my pregnancy.  Even when I couldn’t get my old jeans close to buttoned, the maternity jeans still fit comfortably and didn’t cause anything to spill uncomfortably over the top, if you know what I mean.  So I just kept wearing them. Because they fit.  Because I didn’t have to think about it. Because I no longer have time for multiple costume changes before leaving the house. Because they were there. Dear, sweet, lovely jeans.

But like all great love affairs, this, too, must end.  It dawned on me the other day that it has now been four months since I gave birth.  And that perhaps I should stop dressing like I’m pregnant and pack away the maternity clothes.  The jeans, too.  See, I’ve come to realize that, besides being borderline socially unacceptable to wear stretchy-waist jeans for the rest of my life, they have also been hampering my efforts to lose my pregnancy weight.  And by ‘efforts’ what I really mean is the belief that one morning I will wake up and magically be a size 8 again with no struggle on my part at all.  My beloved jeans are enablers — they enable me to continue my steady diet of coffee, cookies and cheddar cheese without holding me accountable.   Mmmmmm……cheese.

So farewell, my beautiful full-panel paramours.  Time to return to the world of buttons and zippers, to pull out the jeans I once considered my fat pants, only to realize they are now my skinny jeans.  Time to embrace my mommy muffin top, or at least tolerate it while I work to eradicate it.  Or, more likely, time to buy some flowy tops that hide it altogether.

I do guarantee one thing, though.  The next time that stick turns pink, I’m not waiting until my second trimester to pull those bad boys back out!

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March Madness

Is it really March?  How did that happen?  I feel some small amount of madness coming on.  It’s not about college basketball.  Or the need for spring — I already live in the land of beautiful weather.  It’s about the end of an era.  The end of my adventure as a stay at home mother.  It’s been the most beautiful adventure of my life and in four short weeks it’s about to come to an end as I return to work.  I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Besides the  heartbreaking sense of loss to leave my baby girl and return to work, I’m also overwhelmed by the list of things I was supposed to accomplish while I was home, but didn’t.  I know perhaps I was asking too much of myself, knowing that I would be tired from being pregnant and then tired from caring for a baby, but even the simplest things have gone by the wayside.  Now, I feel like I need to hurry and play catch-up to get it all in before my life gets even more hectic.

There are small things, like calling a used appliance store to come haul away our old refrigerator. Or taking my car in for an oil change.  Or organizing recipes, or finding places to hang pictures on our still bare walls.

Then there are the larger projects.  Like painting over the sickly mauve color in our dining room.  Or cleaning out the garage.  Or ripping out the ugly landscaping around the house and planting more drought friendly plants.  Or finishing up the thank you notes from all the baby gifts.  (I know, it’s horrible!  I did a bunch before she was born and then I just stopped – if you’re reading this and haven’t received a thank you note – thank you!  We really are grateful!  And you’ll get one eventually!)

The one project I really want to tackle is the nursery.  All it’s really lacking are window treatments, a rug and some pictures on the wall.  We have the pictures, granted some of them need new frames, but they are there.  I know what kind of rug I want, I just have to find it.  As for the curtains — I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I really want a reason to take it out of the box where it sits collecting dust.  I’ve found so many cute fabrics online, but I have so little design sense, I’m not sure what would work.  So, the search continues!

The blah-blah before:

Just realized after I put these two together that there is a yellow side and a pink side. Seems we have a segregated nursery!

I do love the yellow walls.  If you have any design inspiration to share, have at it!  Hopefully, I’ll have some time to work on it before I head back to the salt mines.

In other news, Annababy had her four month shots yesterday.  Four months!  She cried a little, but overall she was a real trooper.

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This is a test, this is only a test....unless, of course, it works

Okay, so this isn’t from the baptism, obviously.  Unless we had her baptized in grey jersey, which we did not. But it’s one of my favorite new pictures of the munchkin.  Let’s see if this works.

Annababy at a friend's first birthday party. Looks like she's enjoying herself!

Woohoo!  I think I may be growing as a person.  Or at least as a blogger.

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Pardon my dust…or lack thereof

Time is moving so quickly. The design of the blog isn’t quite what I want yet and I’ve been using that as an excuse. That and the whole ‘I have a baby thing.’ But no more.

Little Annababy is growing so fast!  Since my last post, she’s learned to roll from belly to back (@ 10 weeks, 4 days), found her hands (can’t remember exactly when – more reason to keep this updated!)  and dozens of other little tiny things every day.  She’s like this little science experiment.  Every day is a new sound, new expression, new discovery.  She’s extremely close to rolling from back to belly.  No more leaving her on the bed for one quick sec once that happens!

I go back to work in about 5 weeks.  Yikes!  So not ready for that.  Luckily, my husband will be taking a turn as the stay at home caregiver for a least a few weeks while we figure out how we’re going to navigate life as working parents.  I know kids can thrive in daycare, but my husband and I are committed to finding some way for one of us to stay home with our little one, since that’s how we were raised.  The plan stopped short of robbing a bank, but we haven’t ruled it out entirely yet.

In other news, Annababy was baptized on Sunday.  We belong to a rather large church, so it was more of an assembly line baptism than I would have liked, but she still looked adorable and it was a good excuse for my parents and brother to come out for a visit.  She was not a fan of the water, but she turned on the charm once the cameras started flashing.  She always has a smile for her adoring public!

Insert picture here.  Except that I’m still not sure how to do that and the baptism pictures are still on the camera. The big fancy camera that my husband won’t let me touch.  So, look for a picture that may or may not be from baptism shortly.

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Hello World and Welcome to It!

There comes a point in life when so many things are going on and you’re caught up in the joy and tension and life of it all and then you suddenly realize that all the little moments are flying by and adding up and you can’t remember half of them. And you wish you’d shared them with the entire world.  Well, I’m there.  Life is spinning crazily by and the details I just knew I would never forget are a bit fuzzy.  Not surprising since I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday.  So many new things are happening and I figured it was time to put it out there.

A new year.  That’s a gimme, but it seems like a good time to start a new enterprise. And see, I’ve already procrastinated and waited until the New Year started to get a little old, to the point when most resolutions have already been forgotten. That’s me. Full of excuses and procrastination. Surely to be a recurrent theme.

A new house.  The house itself is actually fairly old, but it’s new to us.  Not really new to us, we’ve been here for about 5 months, but since it’s not yet furnished and the walls are still the gawd awful shade of mauve they were when we moved in, I’m still calling it new.  We do plan to paint and furnish and plant some grass and memories.

A new baby.  Okay, she’s really new.  She’s ten weeks now. Which makes her older than the New Year, but newer than the house.  She was actually the reason for the house. It seemed like the right time to grow up and buy a place to put a crib.  And she’s the real reason for the blog.  A place to share our lives and this great experiment called parenthood.  We’ll call her Annababy.

The cats aren’t new, but they keep life interesting.  I’m not so new, either.  I’ll be thirty-three in less than a week.  Life hasn’t exactly panned out as I’d dreamed a decade ago, but reality has turned out to be quite nice.  I’m hopefully getting better as I get older.  I’m definitely getting crazier and more forgetful.  Luckily the people I love don’t seem to mind.

So read on.  This is my life, my future memories and my ramblings on motherhood.  Enjoy!

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